Highlights of Our Preschool Program

Christian Education

Weekly Chapel Services for our four and five year-olds offer opportunities for Bible stories, prayers, hymns, and special recognition of Christian holidays. Children are recognized on their birthdays and we joyfully celebrate their special day. Chapel is led by the Rev. Dr. David Barr, Associate Rector at St. George's Church.

Self Worth

St. George’s is noted for its warm, positive atmosphere. Our teachers are enthusiastic and encouraging as they interact with the children. Each child is valued as a unique individual. Self-expression and interpersonal relationships are fostered in this nurturing atmosphere. Children learn to make choices, manage time, follow directions, make friends, and benefit from all their daily experiences.

Centers of Learning

Classrooms are organized in centers of interest so that children may enjoy a variety of experiences and learn to make choices. Children discover by using all of their senses: touching, seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling. They discuss, dramatize, recreate, organize and retell as they learn through play. Through listening to stories and sharing ideas, they develop a rich vocabulary and an opportunity for self-expression. Children also develop thinking and reasoning skills through the use of puzzles, calendar activities, creative art, hands-on math, science experiences, cooking projects, nature walks, and other opportunities for discovery.

Resource Room

Our resource room offers an extensive library of quality literature written for preschool-age children. The stories encompass a wide variety of selections including many children’s classics, stories from other cultures, as well as educational teacher reference books.

Free Choice Activities

Children start each day with a variety of self-motivated activities. Activities might include: blocks, dramatic play, writing centers, creative art, cooking, science exploration, manipulative areas with puzzles, games, and multisensory activities. These enhance small motor development and reasoning skills.

Small Group Activities

Teachers use this time for group discussions and activities. Activities might include: puppets, stories, daily calendar, discussions on a particular area of study, language development, development, math, and science discovery.

Outdoor Play

The school has three playgrounds with state-of-the-art equipment and safety measures. There are also paved areas for riding toys.

Music and Movement

Children flourish during this special time with Ms. Sarah. Children build social skills while learning songs, finger plays, multicultural songs, and dances.


This program is offered one day a week to children in the four and five Year Old Programs.

Preschool Schedule

Our school year runs from late August to mid-May.
8:30 am - 2:00 pm Monday through Friday

Three Year Olds

5 Days: Monday through Friday
3 Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
2 Days: Tuesday/Thursday

Four Year Olds

5 Days: Monday through Friday
4 Days: Monday throughThursday

Five Year Olds

5 Days: Monday through Friday

Child/Teacher Ratio

12 children maximum / 1 teacher and 1 assistant teacher

Highlights of our 1s and 2s Program

We are known for our family-type atmosphere, which is shown by our teachers’ love, concern, and passion for the care of young children. Our classrooms offer carefully chosen materials that allow for spontaneous discovery, social interaction, and creative play. We feel that children need the freedom to make choices in materials, build as they see it, and have the privilege of becoming thinkers and doers. In the 1s and 2s, we feel that children have their own developmental “plan.” We want to give each child the security and freedom to pursue it.

1s and 2s Schedule

12 months - 32 months

8:30 am - 2:00 pm on Monday through Friday

Children may come one day per week during their first year of attendance, or two days per week during their second year of attendance.

Dragon Camp

St. George’s offers a summer camp for currently enrolled children ages one to six years old. The camp runs for six weeks during the summer on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The children are engaged in various outdoor discoveries including water play, gardening, woodworking, and art.

SGK Soccer League

SGK Soccer League provides children currently enrolled in the four and five year old programs with the opportunity to develop fundamental soccer skills and basic understanding of the game with an emphasis on FUN. Games take place in April and May.